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Um homem e uma mulher trabalhando juntos

It's not just about hiring candidates; it's about creating a team spirit that reflects unity, shared values and a collective drive for success.

We plan, build and execute assessment programs adapted to different situations, based on the common denominator of a skills model. We have specific know-how and solid experience in this matter, which we acquired in the course of managing projects of this nature, in different organizational contexts.

We assess not only the CV, but also how they can apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. This ensures that all recommendations are aligned not only with the technical requirements of the role, but also with the practical challenges that your organization faces on a daily basis, namely problem solving, critical thinking, adaptability and agility. 

This approach considers not only academic and professional backgrounds, but also behavioral traits that contribute to positive cohesive team dynamics.

Competency Model

  • Identify and select a set of common and specific skills for your different functions. Identify strategic challenges and organizational and cultural models.

  • Technical, Behavioral and Emotional Skills .

  • "Blueprint" for a targeted and effective personal assessment.

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